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Nelaton Catheter

The standard Nelaton catheter is 48 cm long, female is 25 cm length. They are available from Ch6 to Ch24. The unique feature of the catheter is the connector which incorporates a cap that fits the connector funnel. This accessory provides the user a means of interrupting urine flow anytime during catheterization. The angular Tiemann tip (ball tip) enables the prostrate gland to be circumnavigated in an especially careful manner. A mark on the connector shows the alignment of the Tiemann tip whilst it is being inserted.

Ref. No.: Sizes: Fr / Ch (6-24)Category: Nelaton cathetersTags: 40 cm,male,female,tiemann,pediatric.

Product Features

  • Nelaton catheters are used for short term bladder catheterisation.
  • Manufactured from non-toxic, non-irritant medical grade P.V.C. compatible with catheter lubricants.
  • Frozen surface tubing for super smooth intubation.
  • Distal end is coned for non traumatic introduction with two lateral eyes for efficient drainage.
  • Proximal end is fitted with universal funnel shaped connector for extension.
  • Funnel shape connectors are colour coded for instant identification of sizes.
  • Available in Male and Female versions.

Available Configuration

Male Nelaton Catheter

Ref. No.:Size, Ch/Fr:Length, mm:
1604-M501-1212 Fr / Ch400 MM
1604-M501-1414 Fr / Ch400 MM
1604-M501-1616 Fr / Ch400 MM
1604-M501-1818 Fr / Ch400 MM
1604-M501-2020 Fr / Ch400 MM
1604-M501-2222 Fr / Ch400 MM
1604-M501-2424 Fr / Ch400 MM

Female Nelaton Catheter

Ref. No.:Size, Ch/Fr:Length, mm:
1604-M502-066 Fr / Ch180 MM
1604-M502-088 Fr / Ch180 MM
1604-M502-1010 Fr / Ch180 MM
1604-M502-1212 Fr / Ch180 MM
1604-M502-1414 Fr / Ch180 MM
1604-M502-1616 Fr / Ch180 MM
1604-M502-1818 Fr / Ch180 MM
1604-M502-2020 Fr / Ch180 MM
1604-M502-2222 Fr / Ch180 MM
1604-M502-2424 Fr / Ch180 MM

Nelaton Catheter Tiemann tip

Ref. No.:Size, Ch/Fr:Length, mm:
1604-M503-066 Fr / Ch400 MM
1604-M503-088 Fr / Ch400 MM
1604-M503-1010 Fr / Ch400 MM
1604-M503-1212 Fr / Ch400 MM
1604-M503-1414 Fr / Ch400 MM
1604-M503-1616 Fr / Ch400 MM
1604-M503-1818 Fr / Ch400 MM
1604-M503-2020 Fr / Ch400 MM
1604-M503-2222 Fr / Ch400 MM
1604-M503-2424 Fr / Ch400 MM

Pediatric Nelaton Catheter

Ref. No.:Size, Ch/Fr:Length, mm:
1604-M501-066 Fr / Ch400 MM
1604-M501-088 Fr / Ch400 MM
1604-M501-1010 Fr / Ch400 MM