7 Trends in the Disposable Medical Supplies Market

The demand for disposable medical supplies will rise over the next four years.

The demand for disposable medical supplies will rise over the next four years, according to a new report from Fredonia, US Disposable Medical Supplies Market Report. Some trends in the market from the report include:

  • Demand for disposable medical supplies will grow 4.1 percent annually to $49.3 billion by 2018 in the U.S., spurred by the increase in geriatric patients and expanded insurance coverage from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
  • Healthcare organizations will turn to disposables as a response to increased pressure from federal and accreditation organizations to prevent patient and staff harms.
  • Drug delivery-related products will see the fastest growth among disposable medical supplies, with expenditures reaching $13.4 billion by 2018.
  • Disposable wound management product expenditures will reach $10.1 billion.
  • Polymeric tissue sealants and related products will be in higher demand, while bandage demand growth will slow, due to limited pricing flexibility and innovation. In addition, growth of minimally invasive surgery will decrease demand for traditional sutures and staples.
  • Single-use garments will be in higher demand, because of an increased focus on infection control.
  • Changes in patient care to improve safety will lower demand for angioplasty catheters, blood glucose test strips and single use patient room supplies, among other products.

By Tom Lv, Sales Manager-Foreign trade