STERIL Nelaton Catheter is designed different from other similar catheters currently available. The unique feature of the catheter is the connector which incorporates a cap that fits the connector funnel. This accessory provides the user a means of interrupting urine flow anytime during catheterization. The cap can be easily detached with a slight tug if the user wishes it to be removed. The catheters are designed with olivary tips and opposed eyes that are electronically treated to remove residual burrs on their edges which otherwise could cause trauma to the urethral mucosa during catheterization.The standard Nelaton is 48 cm long, female and pediatric Nelaton is 25 cm long. They are available from CH6 to CH14. ALL Steril catheters are manufactured from DEHP-free polyvinyl chloride resin to conform to safety standards that protect patients from potential toxic or carcinogenic additives.